Things we have to let go:

Marchall jcm 800 lead,100w top, the real one, not the reissue: 1250 euro

2x AKG C747 for those who like to record something different: 175 euro each

Boss GL100 guitar preamp/distortion from the 80's, rare 19 inch unit, sounds great on a lot of things, lots of possibilities and different tones: 220 euro

Urei 565T Filter Set LITTLE DIPPER: 220 volts, in perfect condition, model with input transformer: 450 euro

Roland DEP5: 100 euro

Lydcraft Tube-Tech MEC-1A: Tube Channel-Strip containing a Preamp, an EQ, an Optocompressor in great condition, nos tubes where needed and with full waranty: 3200 euro

DBX 160x: famous over easy compressor, this is the vintage X version not the cheaper chinese A version, technically in perfect condition, cosmically see picture: 275 euro

Oktava MK-014 A.S.M. is a cardioid capacitor mic, The capsule exhibits a gentle 'presence' rise giving excellent vocal articulation under in a variety of studio acoustic conditions while maintaining the natural sound of the source. The wide bandwidth of the Oktava MC 014 makes it suitable for recording a wide variety of acoustic instruments, including percussion and it pays remarkable attention to detail and clarity. 90 euro

Poweramp 2x300w, nothing fancy but it does the job, volume modified with step switch so calibrating is easy: 115 euro

Clavia Nord Micromodular, with manual, powersupply, patches,..., cool virtual modular synth, 4 voices, amazing sounds and to small not to take it on a gig: 245 euro

ARP AXXE: analog monosynth from the 70's this is the later version with the ARP filter not the moog filter, 2 first keys are not original: 1100 euro

Roland juno 106, in perfect condition, completely refurbished, new battery and with new wooden sidepanels and cool sounds: 1200 euro

Roland sh 101 in perfect condition, he stayed in the original box for many years: 1150 euro

Roland mc 202 NEW we added midi, he stayed in the stock of a store for many many years, in the original box with all the original items: 1200 euro

Solina string Synthesiser: only 100 were made. It is the combination of a solina strings ensemble with an ARP synthesiser. Great filtering and split options,combine the most famous strings with a great analog synthesiser: 2200 euro

Revox B285, high end stereo amp/reciever, Swiss quality, in great condition: 510 euro

Altec 806 A Driver with 811 B Horn: famous 16 Ohm Horns from the past: 340 euro for one pair

Lots of drum machines: EKO, Hammond, ...: please call

Neumann U67: call

Hammond organ, Vox organ, Sequential Pro One, Tubetech recording channel, Urei LA22, Emax, Korg Wavestation rack: call

Neumann U473a: fast vca compressor and gate. Build like a tank and with some nice features. Transparant and it can act very fast. This one is with power supply and adaptor cable to XLR, ready to go: 430 euro

Crucianelli windorgan, well known brand for accordeons, nice looking and sounding great for in the livingroom: 350 euro

Leslie 760 speaker with cable, it's a transistor but it's a Leslie: 430 euo

Viscount electronic church organ, typical organ from the 70's, very analog sounding, it's not compact though: 100 euro,

Hammond organ M 111: 250 euro as is

Revox NAB adaptors: 55 euro for one pair,

Eagle springreverb: 200 euro nice little springreverb with mic and line inputs, very analog sounding. For those who don't want a transparant springreverb, but a short reverb with character.

Sait Limcom, diode bridge compressor/limiter from Belgian brand from the 60's, probably made by Siemens or Telefunken. With special designed gain reduction meter recapped,... . We have 5 of them and only need 4. No price only exchange.

Sequential Pro one: 2200 euro

isolation transformer from English brand OEP Type a262A7e, great to make your DI boxes or to balance audio equipement and synths: price 10 euro

Emax Rack Sampler E-mu disks: 80 euro

Roland ram card M64C:70 euro

Original fairchild 670 compressor VU meter, NOS in original box. This is your chance to make your own compressor or to bring your fairchild back to new. We have also original knobs: only exchange for Sifam Director 14 PPM meter

Lots of spare parts: sifam meters, faders, jack connectors,

patchbays, multicables, connectors

spare parts for SH 101,JX3P, juno 106, Korg poly six, keys for SH/juno/ms20/ms10, Leslie parts, ...