Plug Reanimator Studio into your own studio

Add that analogue character to your music

Reanimator Studio has always worked close together with recording enthousiasts.

Now we offer this new feature. Add that analogue character to your music.

Send your audio and midi files with to

we let it go through our beautiful analogue gear.

Don’t forget to add (an) example track(s) with the filename “example”+ trackname.

  • your drums or vocals go through one of our outboard gear, we send you the pimped track;
  • your plugin substituted by the real analogue synth, we send you the audio file from your midi file;
  • your mix summed on a real analogue Cadac, Amek, Neumann console/summing amp, we send you the stereo mix from your balanced stereo tracks (maximum 16 stereo);
  • to add a real EMT 140 plate reverb, master room, Lexicon 224, … we send you the stereo reverb track;
  • we can also offer reamping and stomp boxes, you name it, we do it,
  • If you want we can master your song.
  • If you want we can mix your song.

  • Look at our gear list or just ask what you want.

    Introductory price for a standard song length, additional 5 euro for every extra song with the same treatment:

    - 12 euro for each process,

    - 20 euro for an analogue synth sound or for analogue summing,

    - 25 euro for an analogue mastering,

    - 125 euro for an analog mixing,

    - 15 euro additional global cost for each project.